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NOFI Oil Barge

NOFI Oil Barge

The NOFI Inflatable Oil Barge is an important contribution to the problem of temporary storage. In addition to storage of liquid oil and emulsions, the easy access through the removable roof makes the barge suitable for contaminated solid materials like flotsam, seaweed, kelp etc.
NOFI Oil Barge, available in a series of four sizes (custom sizes to order), are made from a very strong oil resistant PVC fabric and a specially engineered fabric in 50/50 PU/PVC coated polyester, with two layers of fabric in the entire freeboard. The double layer of fabric in the vulnerable freeboard ensures optimal puncture resistance - especially during near shore and beach cleaning operations.
Practical experience shows that the operation may be continued even with one or two air chambers punctured, due to the flotation redundancy provided by the large number (14+3) of independent air chambers. The design and dimensions of the freeboard frame are identical for all four sizes. Four different skirt depths (drafts) give four different storage volumes. Fast and easy air inflation by means of a powerful air blower ensures rapid deployment of the barge. The NOFI Oil Barge is delivered complete, including a removable roof, towing lines, lifting slings, air blower and spare parts - all packed in a steel container.
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