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NorMar Integrated Pump System

NorMar Integrated Pump System

The NorMar Integrated Pump System (IPS), is a pump system designed to empty accumulated oil emulsion in the separator tank of the NOFI Current Buster model 4 and 6. This allow for continues oil spill containment and recovery operation from one vessel.

The system is designed as an add module for existing NOFI Current Buster 4 and 6. NorMar IPS incorporate a freefloating umbilical, connected at the separator area and at the bridle.The umbilical follows the port towline on board to the vessels OR tank. The NorMar IPS suction intake is below the surface, and a pumphouse design allow the grid not get clogged up easily.

With this design, you do not have a pump/skimmer in the exposed surface area where you have debris and allow for longer operational time. The NorMar IPS is available with various storage alternatives to enhance the operation of the system. System comprises hydraulic operated hose-reel, floating umbilical, pump, water injection, pump housing with adjustable floats and interface connectors to the NOFI Current Buster. The NorMar IPS is designed with focus on a safe and easy operation, allowing oil emulsion to be pumped to the OR tank with a minimum of water content.

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