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High Speed Single Vessel

High Speed Single Vessel Sweep System 

The High Speed Single-Vessel Sweep System is a self contained system
allowing the vessel to operate single handed without any backup from other parties. A cost-efficient system that gives the operator great flexibility and substantial increase in performance.
The all-in-one solution includes:
NOFI Current Buster 6, which was developed with an improved hydrodynamic shape that reduces the drag force and allows the system to move easier through water in up to 5 knots towing speed.

The BoomVane system , a unique system when used together with a NOFI Current Buster. It is easy to operate and cost-efficient, as well as reduces the operator’s response time significantly. Safety is also an important factor as there is only one vessel involved, which eliminates communication between two vessels and the risk of damaging the equipment.
NorMar Integrated Pump , a system for continuous discharge of the NOFI Current Buster while collecting oil. The system is based on a “plug and play” version that can be used on any existing models of the NOFI Current Buster Series. An important feature is that the system may be converted to an offloading system for transfer of collected oil to shore or other vessels.
NorMar Discharge system is another option which is built on a 10’ platform equipped with a pump head, hose reel, and crane. The system is designed to efficiently pump the recovered oil from the separator tank of the NOFI Current Buster systems. It may be used as a designated pump vessel that goes between several NOFI Current Busters, emptying one storage tank at a time.
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