Oil Spill Response

Optimizing oil spill response

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Conventional Offshore System

Conventional Offshore System

The AllMaritim Offshore package solution contains the NorMar Offshore High Capacity Skimmer System which has a recovery capacity of 200-350m3/hr and is designed with focus on quality and cost-efficiency. The system has a built-in cassette with discs and brushes added to the weir base, which makes it possible to efficiently recover a wide range of oil viscosities. 
The offshore package also contains a high quality offshore conventional oil booms, both the NOFI 1000 series (manual inflatable) and the NOFI Spill Raider series (automatic inflatable). The NOFI Spill Raider Technology has gone through a significant change, in which the size of the freeboard ranges from 600 mm to 1200 mm. Designed with focus on operational efficiency i.e deployment speed, inflation method, less manpower needed and wave following characteristics, the NOFI Spill Raider boom has gained competitive advantage in the market. AllMaritim has entered into alliances with other well-known Norwegian manufacturers of complimentary products such as:
- MIROS OSD – Oil Spill Detection system
- Dispersant Spray arm system
- Doppler log – measuring STW
- Ocean Eye for 24/7 areal surveillance
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