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NOFI Current Buster® 4

NOFI Current Buster® 4

The NOFI Current Buster® 4 is currently in use by many oil spill control organizations all over the world. Offers excellent area coverage and flexibility in towing speeds up to 4 knots. The system is available either on a hydraulic driven reel or as a custom made storage system in a 10’ container, all-in-one. The NOFI Current Buster® 4 is well suited for single-vessel operations when used along with the BoomVane system.

Tests of the NOFI Current Buster ® 4 (carried out by the US Coast Guard) proves that the system is able to collect and retain various types of oil at towing speeds of up to 4 knots, with a minimum loss of oil, also in short period waves. The NOFI Current Buster® 4 offers excellent area coverage and flexibility in towing speeds up to 4 knots due to its compact and light construction which facilitates effective towing between oil spill slicks.

Technical Specifications:

NOFI Current Buster® 4 Data
Freeboard size Ø800 mm (Ø31.5 inch)
Towing speed (STW) 4 knots
Inflation system High capacity air blower
Total length 32,2 m (105 ft)
Total width m (front opening) 24 m (79 ft)
Sepatator capacity 35 m3 (1236 cu. ft.)


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High-Speed Single-Vessel Sweep System

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