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NOFI Current Buster 2/Shallow Water

NOFI Current Buster 2/Shallow Water

The NOFI Current Buster technology is one of teh world's most efficient and advanced oil containment  and recovery systems, capable of containing and controlling oil in up to 5 knot towing speed* without loosing  any of the contained oil. 

The NOFI Current Buster 2/SW is based on the same proven current buster technology designed specifically to meet the demands of operating in fast moving shallow waters. The draft of the Current Buster 2/SW has been reduced to  approx.1meter and  the system can be separated into two parts to ain in overland and air transport to remote locations.

Recent trials on the Columbia, Flathead, Middlefork and Yukon River using the NOFI Current Buster systems together with a Boom Vane confirm the ease of  operations  and efficiency in challanging fast water environments in remote locations.  

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