Oil Spill Response

Optimizing oil spill response

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NOFI EP-Series Solid Flotation Boom

The NOFI solid flotation booms (EP series) are designed for use in harbors, bays and fjords. Thousands of meters of EP series booms have been delivered to customers all around the world. The oil booms are delivered in standard lengths of 25 m. The combination of a bottom-tensioned boom and flexible segmented freeboard elements give the NOFI EP series excellent wavefollowing characteristics. This greatly enhances the oil containment capability.

The flexible Dynamic Response Connectors between boom sections prevent oil from leaking through, as it is often observed on other solid flotation booms using stiffer steel or aluminum connectors. Manual handling of the NOFI EP series 25 m long sections is relatively easy compared to other solid log type booms. NOFI provides connectors and adapters between the NOFI EP series and other types of solid flotation booms. NOFI 250EP and 350EP can be delivered as booms integrated in the NOFI Boom Bag, in lengths of up to 300 m and 150 m respectively. The system offers extremely rapid response, with a minimum of handling, boats and personnel.


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