Oil Spill Response

Optimizing oil spill response

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ECOSORB Sorbent Boom

Oil Absorbent Booms work quickly, and have a high absorbent capacity and rupture strength. Ecosorb Sorbent Booms are available in two different fiber qualities, cotton/plant fiber or polypropylene.

Ecosorb Oil Absorbent boom is the marked leading sorbent boom.

Using Sorbent booms instead of mechanical booms demands fewer resources, and is an excellent first responder product. Sorbent booms can also be used in order to seal leakage points between mechanical booms and docks, mooring point, ships, etc. If the spill takes place on the docks sorbent booms and smaller absorbent formats can also be used to prevent the spill reaching the water/sea.

*All dispergants including soap will breach the sorbents surface tension causing it to absorb water. Let the Sorbent saturate and remove it before you start cleaning.

*Ecosorb Sorbent booms absorbs oil, not water

* only provided on the Norwegian marked, for more information  about our sorbent selection please check out our industry selection. 

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