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NEW - NOFI Current Buster 4®!

 NEW NOFI Current Buster 4 deployed on ocean

NEW NOFI Current Buster 4 deploed on sea, while BoomVane is being deployed to open the Buster arms.

Excited times at AllMaritim when testing the NEW NOFI Current Buster 4® as a single vessel high-speed system. The New NOFI Current Buster 4® exceeded our expectations to increased speed, increased front opening, maneuverability, and separator stability and performed excellently together with a std 1m boomvane system.

This exercise gave us, the AllMaritim TEAM, the possibility to perform repeated training during these demanding COVID 19 times. AllMaritim is looking forward to being able to share new information and knowledge about the NEW NOFI Current Buster 4® to all of our clients worldwide!

 NEW NOFI Current Buster 4

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