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Delivery to the Canadian Coast Guard!



NOFI Current Buster NOFI Current Buster

It is a great pleasure for AllMaritim to announce the delivery of a total of 25 NOFI Current Buster 2 containerized High Speed Systems to the Canadian Coast Guard. The High Speed Systems are customized units for the Canadian Coast Guard and supplied through DSS Marine Inc. representing AllMaritim in Canada.

The customized all-in-one units, comprises a 10’ container w/ NOFI Current Buster 2 High Speed System, NorMar 3m3 Alu reel, customized NorMar DHPP, Std. 1m BoomVane and accessories. It is all designed for the highest flexibility and efficiency in operation. All of the units will be spread out to many of the Canadian Coast Guard regions throughout Canada. The first training and exercise has already been taken place in Victoria BC, where the Canadian Coast Guard crew went through a theoretical as well as a practical training/exercise in order to operate the NOFI Current Buster 2 High Speed System in the most efficient way. Additional training sessions will occur throughout Canada in 2019 and 2020.


NOFI Current Buster System

AllMaritim, a company within the NOFI corporation. NOFI has through more than 40 years been a major developer, manufacturer and vendor of tools and equipment to the maritime sector. AllMaritim is NOFI’s sales- and marketing body regarding all supply oil spill equipment as well as equipment’s for the aqua culture segment within maritime environment and response.


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